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Extreme couponing test – Question 2 – Can you get organized?

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If you want to be an extreme couponer, the first thing you have to do is come up with a way to organize your coupons. If you can’t quickly and easily find the coupons you need to grab that awesome deal, you might as well just take out your wallet and pay with cold hard cash, or the equally hard plastic.

There are several ways you can organize your coupons. Most people use a binder.  I did in the beginning, too. But, I found it just wasn’t working for me. I switched over to a shoe box! I file all my coupons in envelopes and sort by expiration date. I keep a spreadsheet that lists every coupon I have. When I shop, I look at my spreadsheet to see if I have coupons to match the sales. If I do, they are right there in my envelopes!

You can figure out what system works best for you… but for sure, you need a system. You also need to stay on top of clipping and organizing your coupons.  You work hard to print and clip your coupons.  Take care of them!

I think being organized is THE MOST important part of being an extreme couponer. And please, don’t run out and buy expensive binders or coupon boxes. Remember, you are trying to save money! I’m using an old shoe box with tape holding the corners, envelopes that were yellowed with age, and a Shaw’s bag to carry it around in.  It works just fine.

And here it is…

Extreme couponing test – Question 1 – Are you fussy?


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