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**Sanford Shaw’s Alert** Potatoes $.29/lb, Squash $.39/lb, Apples $.59/lb – NO Coupon needed!

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I just got back from Shaw’s and I want to report that the Non Refrigerated Reduced Produce has a lot of goodies on the racks!

I saw lots of great looking potatoes for only 29¢ per pound! They are in packs that weigh about 2 pounds each. They are as fresh as can be! You could pick up 5 pounds of potatoes for only $1.45!

They also had a bunch of whole butternut squash for only 39¢ per pound, apples for 59¢ per pound and bananas for 39¢ per pound. The bananas are ripe, but not overly ripe. They’d be great for banana bread. Or peel them and freeze them for smoothies or for baking at a later date! As for the apples, be fussy! Check them over. I saw a couple of bruises but nothing major. Again, they’d be great for baking.

There was a bunch of other stuff too. They had two tall racks filled with goodies! That section is now my favorite reduced section!

Reduced Dairy is still empty :O(


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