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Sanford Shaw’s Alert: Reduced potatoes, lettuce, squash, apples, fried chicken, Hebrew National beef salami

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I took a walk around the Sanford Shaw’s reduced sections Thursday night and they had some great deals! If you are heading there Friday morning, I bet a lot of these items will still be there!

Refrigerated Reduced Produce

Bagged lettuce $1.00 to $1.50 each

Non Refrigerated Reduced Produce

5 pound bags of potatoes $1.49 each

Whole butternut squash 39¢ per pound

Yellow squash 75¢ per pound

Zucchini 75¢ per pound

Apples 39¢ per pound

Reduced Deli

8 piece fried chicken $6.99 – $3 off stickie = $3.99

Hebrew National beef salami $6.99 – $3 stickie = $3.99


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