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**Sanford Shaw’s Alert** Reduced produce and deli – cheap lettuce, coleslaw, pasta salad, fried chicken and more

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I just took a walk around Shaw’s in Sanford and I’ve got a few reduced goodies to report to you!

Click here to learn where the reduced sections are in the Sanford Shaw’s.

Reduced Refrigerated Produce has heads of organic lettuce for 50¢, bagged lettuce for $1.00, Marie’s dressings for $1.50 (I wish I had some coupons for Marie’s!), and a bunch of other stuff.

Reduced Non Refrigerated Produce has apples for 59¢ per pound (some were not in the best shape) and lots of packs of potatoes at various prices.

Reduced Deli has big 3 pound tubs of coleslaw and macaroni salad for $5.99 but they have $3 OFF stickies on them! You can get 3 pounds for $2.99! They also still have Willow Tree chicken salad (read here and here on how to get that for FREE), lots of reduced fried chicken, meat ends, and fancy cheese.

Reduced Dairy was EMPTY (except for one lonely Fage yogurt).  I was so sad. I need milk. I’ve been getting milk for free lately, so now I hate to pay for it! I will go without milk until I can score a great deal :O)


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