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Sign up for the myHannaford sticker to get exclusive coupons

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

Hannaford has a myHannaford program that you really must sign up for if you ever shop at Hannaford.  Hannaford uses stickers (not a card like other stores) that you will receive in the mail (they send you a bunch, keep them because they wear off).

Scanning the sticker at the register can get you exclusive coupons from the Catalina machine (that’s the machine that spits out coupons that get handed to you with your sales slip).

I’ve been using the sticker for several months, and when they do have special Catalina coupons, that particular coupon will spit out the entire week.  Some weeks you get nothing. Other weeks you get awesome coupons like $2 off anything in the meat department (my favorite so far), $1 off produce, $1 off deli, $1 off seafood, $1 off any My Essentials (new Hannaford brand), and more!

So sign up to get your stickers and always have your cashier scan it so you don’t miss out on any coupons!  The stickers don’t work at the self scan, only at the registers with a cashier.

To get your stickers, click here to go to the Hannaford website, then look for the myHannaford link at the very top right of that page. You can sign up for the program on that page.

Tip: When there is an awesome coupon offer, split your shopping into a bunch of small transactions instead of one big transactions so you can scan your sticker more times and get more coupons!

Another Tip:  If you ever get $2 off meat coupon, be sure to pick up meat with a stickie coupon on it for extra savings! Last time, I got 15 of the $2 off meat coupons and picked up 15 packages of meat over two weeks. Each package was priced just over $3 with $1 stickies on them or $4 with $2 stickies. After the stickie coupons and my $2 off coupons, I paid only pennies per pack. You have to wait for the best mark downs, but that’s how you save a bundle on meat!!!


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