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The original WOW Shammy cloth only $1 at Dollar Tree in Sanford

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I popped in to the Dollar Tree in Sanford last night and they have a nice big display of WOW! Shammy clothes for only a dollar! They have two sizes… a 2 pack of the thinner, smaller kitchen cloths, and a single pack of the thicker, larger cloth. My vote? The thick one!

If you’ve never used a WOW! Shammy before, here is your chance! We’ve been using them in this house for years! I swear, you can soak up a bucket of water with one cloth (okay, that’s an exaggeration, but they do soak up a lot!).

Save a bundle of money by not using paper towels to clean up spills! Use a WOW! Shammy instead! And, they last a very, very long time. Years.  Literally years.

You can also use the WOW! Shammy to dry your car, dry off your pet, dry off your own hair, wipe your dishes dry, suck a big spill out of a carpet, wash your windows, whatever!  You can even cut them to make the best dishcloth or wash cloth ever!

Always use these cloths damp. Wet them, wring them out then watch them do their magic! You can toss them in the washer, too. It says not to put them in the dryer, but we always do. It’s just best to not use fabric softener or they don’t absorb as well.

So, head on over to the Dollar Tree in Sanford and pick up some WOW! Shammy clothes for only a dollar! They are on display near the front of the store. Makes a great stocking stuffer or gift basket item!


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