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Beech-Nut baby food coupons – You don’t have to be a baby to eat this stuff

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Save on Beech-Nut products at Coupon Network

There are some Beech-Nut coupons on CouponNetwork that you might want to print… even if you don’t have a baby! Why? Because you can use the baby food as an added ingredient in baked goods and other recipes. Add a jar of fruit to muffins.  Add cereal to pancake batter. Add a jar of veggies to soup to give the broth a boost. Get creative and have fun with it!  But, always wait for a sale to go with the coupon and try to get the baby food for FREE when possible! You don’t need to be spending money on baby food just to spiff up a recipe. Of course, if you have a baby, then any bit you can save will help.

$.60/1 Beech-Nut baby cereal

$1.10/4 Beech-Nut baby food glass jars

$1.85/15 Beech-Nut baby food glass jars




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