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Final total for my purchases during the Shaw’s GM catalina deal

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If you follow my posts, you will know that I was all over the General Mills catalina deal that Shaw’s had last week. I just added up all my receipts and here is my grand total:

I did 10 separate transactions over 1 week
I bought $545.71 worth of groceries
I paid $84.10 out of pocket.
I have one $10 catalina left over

This was the first time I shop during this type of deal, and I know that next time I will do much better. I think spending $84.10 in one week is way too much, even though I got a lot of stuff. You can see the list of everything I got below.

If you want to see each individual transaction, you can use these links:
Transactions 1 and 2
Transaction 3
Transactions 4, 5 & 6
Transactions 7, 8, 9, and 10

Here is what I got during the GM catalina week:

GM items that went toward the catalina deal:
6 boxes Hamburger Helper
13 boxes GM cereal
38 boxes Betty Crocker potatoes
8 boxes Betty Crocker muffin mix
8 cans Green Giant vegetables
32 boxes frozen Green Giant vegetables
10 boxes Betty Crocker fruit snacks
10 boxes Betty Crocker brownie mix
11 boxes Betty Crocker cake mix
11 tubs Betty Crocker frosting
8 pouches Betty Crocker cookie mix
4 boxes Fiber One bars
4 bags Bugles snacks
8 boxes Totino’s pizza rolls

Other items I picked up on these receipts:
60 rolls of Charmin (got five 12-packs)
10 pound bag of potatoes
2 more pounds of potatoes
10 jars Cains mayonnaise (full size jars!)
6 big jars Cains pickles
2 jars fig spread
4 Lunchables snacks
7 tangerines
1 fresh eggplant
1 big tub cottage cheese
1/2 gallon whole milk
1 full stalk fresh celery
1 bag Frootee Ice (plus 4 more bags on other receipts for the rebate)
1 king size loaf wheat bread
1 bag potato chips

Not bad for $84.10, eh?  By planning my shopping, I was able to get TEN $10 catalina coupons… that’s $100 of FREE FOOD!!!  By matching the sales to coupons and using my catalinas, I was able to save $461.61.  And remember, I just started couponing in May! If I can learn how to do this, anyone can!


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