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Sanford Shaw’s Alert: Lots of bargains and freebies in reduced dairy section

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Wow! I took a walk around the Sanford Shaw’s Sunday night and the reduced dairy section was full of all kinds of goodies! If you are reading this on Monday morning, a lot of that stuff might still be there!

Milk: They had about 10 gallons of Oakhurst milk (low fat and fat free) priced at $3.49 each. That’s kind of high for reduced (I got Hood on this shopping trip for $1.50 and paid 50¢ each after coupons), but if you need milk, it’s better than full price! Best by date was Oct 5. Remember, you can freeze milk!

Juice: They had lots of 1/2 gallons of juice, all priced at only $1 each! They had maybe five Simply Grapefruit, six Dole Tangerine, four Trop 50 Tropicana Pomegranate/Blueberry, four or five Florida Naturals, and one Minute Maid. If you printed the coupons for $1/1 any Simply Orange (no longer available), you can use that on the Simply Grapefruit and get it for FREE (like I did :O). And if you have the $1/2 Tropicana from the insert (sorry, can’t find which insert… argh!), you can get 2 of the Tropicana juices for a buck, or make it part of the dollar doubler deal and get those for FREE too (like I did :O).

Yogurt:  They had maybe six big 17.6 ounce tubs of Fage Greek Yogurt for only $1 each. Maybe 10 individual Stonyfield yogurts for 40¢ each (get Stonyfield coupons here, there is a $.50/3 which will double so you’ll get 3 for only 20¢ total), and a stack of Yoplait 4-packs for $1 each (there is a $.75/2 coupon here, when it doubles you get (2) 4-packs for 50¢ total).

Phew!  Now, do you see why I tell you to print dairy coupons? You never know what you will find in the reduced dairy section! Other good coupons to print are any of the Pillsbury biscuits, pie crusts or cookie dough. I get those FREE with coupons in the reduced dairy section. You might want to print some to carry around with you.


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