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I know lots of kids out there love Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob, including my granddaughter. However, I think even a dollar off a roll of this American Greetings wrapping paper might be too rich for my blood.  But if you really want to wrap your gifts with these cartoon characters, here’s a way to save a buck!

$1.00 off Sponge Bob or Dora Christmas Roll Wrap – it says Redeemable at Walmart but it does not say only at Walmart. It’s a Manny Q and you can use it anywhere.
Do you remember when Hannaford used to bag their groceries in paper bags printed with Christmas designs? I used to use those bags all the time to wrap gifts!  Then maybe 15 years ago, Marden’s had a clearance sale on Christmas wrapping paper. I bought 40 rolls for next to nothing. I still have plenty of paper and I use it for every occasion. I don’t care if someone gets a birthday gift in June wrapped in snowflakes and Santa. The paper is only going to end up in the trash!

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