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How my mother got the raisins she’s been cravin’

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My 88 year old mother quickly learned that the way we eat in this house has changed forever. No longer does she put “walnuts” on her grocery list because she knows there is no way I’m spending $7 on a pound bag of shelled walnuts (I used to buy her a bag every week!!!). In fact, there is no longer a grocery list. She has a wish list now for food. And every now and then, one of her wishes comes true (like this Moxie).

My mother has been craving raisins for awhile. Today when I walked into her side of the house, I noticed something on the counter. It was a little cup of raisins. When I asked about them, she explained that she pulled all the raisins out of her Raisin Bran cereal and was saving them for a special treat.

You might think that’s a sad story. But it’s not!

My mother got a kick out of the clever way she got her raisins. And she marvels over all the stuff I bring in the house. Stuff that we’ve never had before. Stuff I thought I could never afford. So, she’s okay with picking raisins out of cereal. And with 6 more boxes of Raisin Bran in the stockpile, she’s got more sugary raisins in her future.

I just hope she does not get her hands on the boxes of banana nut muffin mix. There’s real walnuts inside!


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