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I hit the Yoplait Yogurt jackpot by shopping in Shaw’s reduced dairy

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I just got back from walking around Shaw’s to get shelf prices on some items (working on a plan of attack for the $5/$25 coupons). Anyhoo, as I walked by the reduced dairy section, I noticed a bunch of Yoplait yogurt 4-packs… all marked down to $1 each!  And guess what?  I had coupons to go with the deal!

I picked up (8) 4-packs of reduced Yoplait for a total of $8
I used (4) $.75/2 Yoplait 4-packs
After coupons doubled I owed $1.85 (it should have been $2 but for some odd reason it subtracted 15¢ for tax??? Sometimes the Shaw’s scanners do strange things like that with tax when you use coupons, even if it’s not a taxable item)
I used a $1 catalina to pay it down.
I paid 85¢ for a total of 32 yogurts!!!  And yes, I put that tiny amount on my credit card… LOL

If you have some of those Yoplait coupons (I can’t find any for the 4-packs that are currently available to print), you can run to the Sanford Shaw’s to pick up some 4-packs too! They also had about 20 4-packs of the Yoplait Splitz and you can also use the coupons on those.

Remember, you can freeze yogurt then use it in smoothies! I just pop them out frozen and blend with a bit of milk, juice or even seltzer. If you get yogurt that comes in the inverted cups, be sure you pour them into plastic bags if you want to use them frozen. You can’t pop them out of the inverted cups. You can also make yogurt ice cubes to use in smoothies. Delish!


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