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My real true love is CRAFTING, not couponing! Check out this site I found!

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I know I’ve been consumed with couponing the past few months. But, before all the clip, clip, clipping took over my life, I was an avid crafter!  I don’t have the time to craft like I used to and I miss it. I need to find a balance so I can get back to crafting a bit… my first true love!

If you love to craft too, you must sign up for the FaveCrafts newsletter.  I just signed up and oh my, that site is a crafters dream come true!  They have thousands of free crafts… what fun!!!  I think I’ll need to start a crafting blog soon.  How I would love to blog about my real passion!

And the exciting thing is they let the average Joe or Josephine publish their crafts and patterns. They don’t pay, but they let you advertise your blog!  I just might have to publish a few crafts and take advantage of their 76,000 daily visitors to the site :O)

I think crafting is going to creep back into my life. This is the first time I’ve been excited about something other than a coupon in almost 6 months!

Sign up for the FaveCrafts newsletter with me!  And here’s a tip… after you enter your email, just stop. The rest of the stuff they show you is just advertisements. You don’t need to sign up for anything after the email page.

And who knows… maybe we’ll get some craft coupons! That would be sweet!


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