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ROAD TRIP! See what I got at Hannaford for only a couple bucks!

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I have been meaning to post my Hannaford road trip but I’ve just been too busy with my little granddaughter here.  I have a few minutes while she’s playing with her Grand Memere. They are getting in some last minute quality time because I take Skylar back home to Mississippit today :O(

Anyway, I was not able to shop much during Hannaford’s awesome annual Buy 4 Get $1 Back catalina deal. However, I was able to get out there a couple of times.

One mini Hannaford trip!

My friend and I managed to hit Hannaford to shop for our Sanford Food Pantry. She asked for my help with my coupon skills and I jumped on the donation band wagon with her! Together we got 80 cans of veggies and soup for only $2.04. We’ll be doing more shopping for the pantry… probably a monthly thing.

One big Hannaford trip!!!

When the Hannaford deal first started, I went on a road trip with my sister. We hit 6 different Hannafords, hitting Biddeford more than once. This is the list of what I got (her list was equally impressive, but different).

18 cans baked beans

6 boxes elbows

4 boxes mac & cheese

8 bags of rice

2 containers of salt

4 bottles of vinegar

30 cans of dog food

8 cans mixed vegetables

5 cans of beets

7 cans of spinach

8 cans of creamed corn

10 cans of corn

3 cans of potatoes

4 cans of carrots

8 cans of peas

12 cans of green beans

2 cans of black beans

2 cans of fruit cocktail

6 cans of peaches

8 cans of tomato soup

12 cans of chicken noodle soup

The grand total for all this was $112.77.

I paid ONLY $1.77!

I did this by using coupons from the Hannaford coupon booklet and rolling over the catalina coupons! I did lots of transactions that got down to zero and lots that were only 4¢. I think the most I paid in any one transaction was 10¢ and that was including tax on the dog food.


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