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Sign up for SavingStar eCoupons… no printing, no clipping!

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.


I signed up for SavingStar several months ago, and I love it!  SavingStar gives you eCoupons that you attach to your store cards.  No printing!  No clipping!  No filing! You just let your store card do all the work for you!

Here’s how it works… first you must register with SavingStar, then you must add your store card numbers to your account.  In my neck of the woods, I was able to add to Shaw’s, Hannaford (use your myHannaford sticker number), CVS and Rite Aid. You may have other stores available in your neck of the woods.

After you are set up, just click to activate the coupons.  I always activate ALL the coupons because I never know what I will buy down the road.  If and when you buy a product that you activated, you will get the amount of the coupon deposited into your account.  When you reach $5, you get paid by the method of your choice (I chose PayPal).

Remember, this is not a coupon that will be deducted on your shopping receipt.  Instead, you earn the money in your SavingStar account and get paid each time you earn $5.  It’s very easy to reach the $5 payout!

It can be a wee bit time consuming to activate all the coupons in the beginning.  However, once you get them all activated, they only add a few new coupons at a time so it’s easy to keep up once you get started.  I will also be posting all the new coupons, so subscribe to my blog and never miss a SavingStar eCoupon!

Sign up for SavingStar today!


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