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Strange Offer from Scrubbing Bubbles – available only to women age 25 to 44 – what???

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Scrubbing Bubbles 

Scrubbing Bubbles has a most unusual offer up for grabs and I will never know what it is because I’m TOO OLD to sign up for it!

They are supposedly offering a money saving newsletter. I assume the newsletter might have coupons that are not available online.  But, you have to be a woman between the ages of 25 to 44 to get the newsletter! How totally odd is that?  I know they want to target a particular group, but no one needs a cleaner toilet more than me! LOL

If you are a hip ‘n happenin’ girlie between 25 and 44 who needs some cheap bubbles to help you scrub, you might want to give this sexist ageist offer a try! You can sign up here.


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