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Dear Darlene… How many copies of the paper should I get?

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Question from Jamie:

Dear Darlene,

How many copies of the paper should I get / do you get?

Dear Jamie,

How many papers you should buy really depends on the coupons you get that week.  If the coupons are just so so, I generally buy 4 papers. If the coupons are fantastic, I might buy as many as 10 papers.

Buying papers can get expensive, so what I do is wait until Thursday to pick up my small town Sanford News. It carries the Smart Source insert from the previous Sunday (SS is my favorite insert) and the paper is only 50¢.

The other thing I love is that if I forget to pick the paper up on Thursday or if I need more copies later, the Sanford News is still on the shelf because it only comes out once a week!

What you should do is search through all the papers in your area (or call the offices) to see what inserts they carry. Also find out how long that paper is on the shelf. Buy the cheapest paper you can find that carries the inserts that you want! You do not have to buy the Sunday paper.

Many newspaper offices also keep older copies of the paper on hand. If you find there is an insert you wish you had, call and find out if you can still buy the paper! Be sure to ask if the inserts are still inside.

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