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I got all this stuff for FREE during my recent Mini Extreme shopping trips!

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

Every now and then, I gather my coupons that I know will get me free stuff and I head out on a mission to get only free things!

The items you see above were purchased at Walmart, Shaw’s, CVS and Hannaford (and Peeps from Rite Aid not in the photo).  I was only successful at getting half the items on my list due to the stores being out of stock (Panko, Pom, KY, and more.) or due to store prices being higher than I expected (Say Yes to Carrots, DC Sea Salt), but it was a good run just the same!

Oh, I tried twice to get to Save-A-Lot for free scissors, but I both times I got there too late (closed by 8pm???). They supposedly have Scotch scissors on sale for $1 and I have coupons for $1 off. I hope to get there today!

Here’s how I got all the stuff you see for FREE!  I don’t have time right now to list all the coupons. If you want to know where to get certain coupons, just ask and I’ll see if I can find the source!!!


6 rolls Duck brand packing tape (free after coupon)
6 Johnson’s baby powder (money maker after coupon)
6 Johnson’s baby lotion (money maker after coupon)
4 packs AAA Rayovac batteries (money maker after coupon)
8 boxes Dulcolax (money maker after coupon)
12 pints Oakhurst egg nog (12 cents each after coupons)

After all the overages from the money makers, Walmart paid me $1.33 cash. I used that money to cover the cost of the other transactions at the other stores.


(4) 2-liters Coke Zero (free after coupons)
(2) 20 ounce Diet Cokes (free after coupons)
4 rolls Homelife toilet paper (money maker after coupons)
1 Diamond Crystal kosher salt (money maker after coupons and SavingStar)
1 Diamond Crystal salt sense (10 cents after coupons and SavingStar)


2 cans pineapple (19 cents each after coupons)


1 box Band Aids (free after coupon)
2 bags Ricola (25 cents each after coupons)
1 Carmex lip balm (money maker after coupon)

Rite Aid:

8 boxes of Peeps (free after coupons) – not in photo because I immediately gave them to my mother.

The $1.33 that I got from Walmart covered all other items plus the tax plus the deposit on one soda.  All I had to pay was the deposit on the other 5 bottles of soda and I will get that back! So, I got everything for nothing!


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