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I never thought I’d find a coconut in reduced produce, but I did!

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I ran over to my Sanford Shaw’s Wednesday night after my TOPS meeting and of all things… I found coconuts in reduced produce.  And they were only 25¢ each. No coupons necessary!

I only bought one because I was not sure if they were dried out.  The one I bought was DELICIOUS! And these are easy to open because they are pre-scored (no coconut milk). Just tap against something hard and they crack open. Nice and juicy. Very fresh.

I think this has to be one of my favorite treasures that I find in reduced produce.  I mean really, a coconut for a quarter.  I love it! They had maybe 5 more, so if you are heading to Shaw’s in Sanford Thursday morning, pick one up!

And here’s a shout out to Pat… it was fun shopping with you!


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