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IT’S OFFICIAL: I need a better system for all these coupons!

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I’m thinking of changing the way I file my coupons. I used to sort by categories in a binder. I quickly discovered I HATE binders. They are clumsy and there’s no good way to put them on the shopping cart.  And purging expired coupons is a nightmare.

I switched to envelopes sorted by exp date.  That makes purging expireds a breeze.  But I have to type every coupon in a spreadsheet so I know what I have. Knowing I have that task ahead makes me not print as many coupons as I’d like to print.

Now I’m thinking of doing some envelopes by category and some by expiration date. I could have categories for cereal, dairy, pillsbury… the stuff I print and use all the time. For stuff I don’t use often, I can stick to the spreadsheet and expiration date system.

As for my inserts, I don’t clip those until I need the coupons. But, from now on I’m going to place like pages together then file them (I put them in clear plastic bags). Then when I need a certain coupon, I can just cut all the stacked pages at once. No more flipping through each insert over and over again!

I don’t know.  I just know I need to perfect this system so I am never again without egg coupons… lol!  I found 16 egg coupons in the inserts and I missed getting FREE eggs at Shaw’s Thursday night.  If I had a better system, I could clip and carry more of my insert coupons. I never want to miss out on free eggs again!


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