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Lookie at what my mother has been up to… and Merry Christmas!

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About a month ago, my 88 year old mother wanted a craft project to keep herself busy.  I printed out some Christmas coloring pages and bought her 3 new boxes of markers.

Next thing I knew, she was decorating her artificial flowering tree with her artwork. Once it was full, she went to work on decorating her little Christmas tree that I finally brought up from the basement.  Her deck doors are also covered with Christmas scenes, as are her cabinet doors, her little refrigerator… she has even started an album!

She colors every day, all day!  Now she’s working on fish, butterflies, flowers and entire sets of paper dolls with clothing to fit.

More markers please!

She even cuts her own hooks out of paper… too cute!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my facebook fans and blog followers! Thank you for all your support.  I hope to bring you lots of coupons and deals in 2012!


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