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Lookie what I found in Reduced Deli at Shaw’s… happy dance!

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Do you remember when I posted coupons for Hormel items (you can see that post here).  I came this close to not printing them.  But, I printed them all just in case I found a good deal.

So far I used the Hormel Chili coupons (found the chili 50% off and got the cans for next to nothing with the coupons) and also the Compleats Meals (got the meals for 50¢ each). The coupons I figured I’d end up tossing are the $3 off the party tray coupons, because even $3 off is not enough for me to buy a party tray.

But, something told me that a party tray was the exact type of thing that might pop up in the reduced deli section at Shaw’s. AND I WAS RIGHT!

Tonight I found 3 Hormel Party Trays in reduced deli and they all had lovely $3.00 off coupons slapped on them (original price was $7.99 each).  I pulled out my equally lovely $3 off coupons (you can stack a manny Q with a store Q) and I got $6 off each party tray! I got them for only $1.99 each!  Now all I need is a party!


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