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A lot of people ask me what the Reduced Dairy section in my Sanford Shaw’s looks like to tonight I took some pics! If you piece the two pics together, you can see it’s quite a BIG section. It’s just the stuff in that bottom bin.

Tonight they had Tru-Moo milk marked down to $1.50 each. I had 6 coupons for $.55/1 half gallon. Those coupons doubled to $1.10 off each (did two transactions) so I only paid 40¢ each for a total of $2.40.  I grab what I thought was 3 chocolate and 3 strawberry, but it turned out the chocolate milk was COFFEE!!!  I LOVE coffee milk!

The Yoplait yogurts are all marked down to 25¢ each. If you are heading over to the Sanford Shaw’s on Saturday, bring your Yoplait yogurt coupons and get them for next to nothing!

They also had some cottage cheese and 6-packs of eggs. I didn’t even think to check the price, but my best guess is $1 each on both the eggs and the cottage cheese. And what was I thinking???  I have coupons for Hood cottage cheese… gee wiz!  I’m losing it!


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