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Sanford Shaw’s Alert – Reduced Produce and Reduced Dairy sections are FULL

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I walked around Shaw’s in Sanford on Sunday night and the reduced produce and reduced dairy sections were FULL of stuff! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much stuff!  I wish I had my camera with me so I could show you. Instead, I took notes.

Reduced non-refrigerated Produce (by the produce doors) had two tall racks and each shelf was filled with stuff. They had…

potatoes .29/lb
bananas .29/lb and not too ripe, perfect for banana bread
vine ripe and plum tomatoes .99/lb and they were firm
pears .59/lb
oranges .49/lb
celery .50 to $1.00 per pack
all kinds of peppers (didn’t note the price)
zucchini .69/lb
snow peas .59/lb
and lots more!

Reduced Dairy was overloaded with yogurt. I know there had to be 60 to 80 (if not more) 4-packs of various yogurt. Here is just some of what they had:

Fage yogurt, big 17.6 oz tubs $1.00 each
Activia 4-packs, $1.00 per pack
Yoplait 4-packs $1.00 per pack
Dannon 4-packs $1.00 per pack
Yoplait Delight Parfait 4-packs $1.00 per pack
Dannon Oikos fruit on bottom singles .40 each
Yoplait Greek singles .35 each
Cabot Greek yogurt 2 lb tubs, $1.50
8 half gallons Oakhurst milk $1.75 each
and so much more other stuff!

If you are heading out to Shaw’s on Monday, be sure you check out the reduced sections and bring your coupons with you! You can usually get free stuff by using coupons on reduced dairy!


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