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Dear Darlene… Can you use a Shaw’s Catalina coupon at Hannaford?

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Dear Darlene,

Can I use a Shaw’s catalina at Hannaford if it says manufacturer coupon on it?



Dear Kimberly,

If the coupon does not state that you can only use it at Shaw’s, then you should be able to use it anywhere that accepts manufacturer coupons. With that said, you can most likely expect cashiers and managers to stare at the coupon and say no.

If I am ever in doubt about a coupon, I find whoever is in charge and I discuss the coupon before I shop. If I have info to help my case, I bring it with me. Hannaford has a customer service number on their coupon policy. This is what you should do…

Call the Hannaford customer service number listed at the bottom of their policy (find it here) and ask if you can use the coupon.  If they say yes…

Get the name and extension of the person you are speaking to and tell them that you will be calling them back if there is an issue at the store.

Go to the store and speak to the front end manager before you shop. Tell them you had questions about a coupon and explain that you called customer service and spoke to (give name) and they said you were good to go. Show your coupon to the front end person and ask if they agree. By explaining all the steps you took before even showing them the coupon, it will make it much harder for the front end person to just say no.

If the front end person still says you can’t use the coupon, explain that it’s important to you that everyone is on the same page, then take out your phone and call customer service right then and there.

I know this all sounds… well, it sounds extreme!  And it is! But that’s how you learn the ropes and it’s also how you help educate your store.  Many times a manager will say no to a coupon just because they are not sure.  If you do your homework before you shop, and if you take the time to chat with your front end manager, all will go smooth as silk!

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