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Did you get a raincheck for Skinny Cow at CVS in Sanford? If you did, they have them NOW!

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Remember the BOGO Skinny Cow deal we had a couple of weeks ago at CVS (click here to see what I’m talking about). We had coupons to go with the BOGO sale that ended up making the candy free. But, CVS in Sanford ran out of stock.  I told everyone to go get a raincheck. Well, now it’s time to go pick up your FREE candy! CVS ordered bunches to cover the rainchecks!

I got a raincheck for 8 boxes because I had (4) B1G1 free coupons. After CVS honored the raincheck and after my coupons, I got 8 boxes for FREE!

Well, I had to pay 90¢ tax. Not bad!

What???  You didn’t get the raincheck?  (tisk, tisk)  Next time you’ll do as I say :O)

OMG… I was just looking at my receipt and I see that I got $3 ExtraBucks for buying Skinny Cow! I didn’t even know there was an ExtraBucks deal with this product now. This is one time when getting a raincheck really paid off!


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