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** IMPORTANT ** Unexpected $2 OFF Grain Berry Coupons in Sunday paper = 50 CENT Cereal & FREE Oatmeal at Shaw’s

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Run to the recycle bin and recover your Maine Sunday Telegram!!!

On the back page of the front section of the paper are FOUR coupons for $2 OFF various Grain Berry and Silver Palate products… cereal, pancake mix, muffin mix and oatmeal!

Grain Berry cereal is supposedly on sale for $2.50 at Shaw’s this week, so only 50¢ after the coupon!

And someone reported that the Oatmeal was on sale for $2.00, so FREE after the coupon!

I don’t see these sale prices on Shaw’s website, so I don’t know if this is regional. But, you can bet your sweet bippy I’m going to find out!

There is also a mail-in offer for a FREE Grain Berry product. Send in the UPC from any Grain Berry with the receipt and a SASE and you will get a coupon via snail mail for a FREE Grain Berry item. That’s a small price to pay for a FREE box of Grain Berry. I will use it on muffin mix!

Thanks for the heads up I Love to Gossip!


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