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Join EBATES with me, will ya? We can learn all about it together!

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I will admit that I joined Ebates months ago… then forgot about it. Now I could kick myself!!!  I don’t know too much about it… yet, but I know that if you shop online, you really need to join Ebates with me and learn as I learn!

What Ebates does is give you cash back simply for shopping at just about every store you can think of. Example: I recently bought a TV from Walmart.com for $200. I waited for the after Christmas sales thinking I was doing a good thing. Had I visited Ebates first and used their link to Walmart.com, I would have received a refund! Right now the refund for Walmart is 4%, so I would have gotten $8.00 back! I know that does not sound like much, but think of all the groceries I could buy with that $8.00 :o)

And you get actual cash back! Ebates pays you every 3 months by check or PayPal, your choice. Oh, and joining Ebates is FREE!  Sweet!

Join Ebates NOW because I’m going to be searching for great Ebates deals for us and I want you to be ready when I find them!


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