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NEW COUPON: $1 OFF any Kikkoman product = FREE seasonings or CHEAP sauce – plus Kikkoman Catalina!

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

There is a new coupon for $1 off any Kikkoman product. You can pick up FREE Kikkoman seasoning packets (taco mix, stir fry mix, etc.) with this coupon at just about any store since the packets are usually well under a buck. If you shop for seasonings at Walmart, you should be able to turn this coupon into a little money maker!

$1 OFF any Kikkoman product – you get 2 prints per computer

You can also use this coupon for Kikkoman soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, marinades or any other Kikkoman product. If you match the coupon to a sale, you can often get very cheap or even free sauce! Last summer, Shaw’s had the small bottles of soy sauce and teriyaki sauce on sale for a dollar and I got 4 for free!

There are also Catalina coupons attached to Kikkoman right now at both Hannaford and Shaw’s!  Catalina coupons print out with your receipt and give you money toward a future purchase.

Catalina for Kikkoman Marinades, 10 oz or larger, through 2/19
Buy 2 get $1.50 back
Buy 3 or more get $2.00 back

Catalina for Kikkoman Soy Sauce, no size mentioned, through 1/22
Buy 2 get $1.00 back
Buy 3 or more get $2.00 back


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