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Sanford Shaw’s Alert: Cheap Pillsbury Cinnabon Rolls & More in Reduced Dairy – Plus Stock Update

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I walked around the Sanford Shaw’s tonight (Friday night) and they had about 40 cans of Pillsbury Cinnabon Orange Sweet Rolls in reduced dairy marked down to $1.40 each.

Here are coupons to go with this deal:

$.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls – this should be a direct link

After the coupons double, you will get 2 cans for $1.00 each!

They also had about 15 cans of Pillsbury Italian bread marked down to $1.00 each.

Here are coupons for the loaves:

$.40/2 Pillsbury Loaves –  this should be a direct link

After the coupon doubles, you will get 2 cans for 60¢ each!

They also had…

Dannon Oikos yogurt, 32 oz, $2.00
Tropicana juice, $2.00
Oakhurst milk 1/2 gal, $1.75
Hood Half & Half, $1.50 ($1/2 Hood cream product coupon)
Shaw’s Half & Half, $1.00
Shaw’s Cottage Cheese, 16 oz, $1.00

Then I checked for Grain Berry cereal to go with these coupons and they had 10 boxes! I bought 2 and left 8. They also had one box of the oatmeal and I grabbed it. So, no more oatmeal.

Someone asked about the price of Chex Mix. It’s $2.69 per bag, so 2 for $2.69 during the B1G1 free sale. See coupons and catalina deal here.

Someone else asked about the price of Ken’s Dressing. It is $3.79 each, so 2 for $3.79 during the B1G1 sale. That’s high. Even with coupons, it would be hard to get it low.

The Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice is $2.00 each, so $1.43 each with these coupons.

I forgot to check the price of Kikkoman soy sauce or teriyaki sauce :O(


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