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Sanford Shaw’s Alert: Lots of Fresh Express, Cole Slaw, Veggie Platter, More in Reduced Produce

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OMG!  The reduced produce section at the Sanford Shaw’s was bursting at the seams today (Saturday). It’s hard to tell, but there are bags and bags piled on top of each other. If you are heading in that direction, bring your coupons! Can you say FREE Fresh Express?

They had at least 15 bags of Fresh Express salad, all Sweet Tender Greens or Tender Ruby Reds. They are reduced to $1.00 and that lovely Fresh Express coupon is still doubling at Sanford, with overage!

(If you need the Fresh Express coupon, email me. I’m here and can zip it right over to you. I know you want to run out the door!)

Looks like the date was Jan 29 for all the salad. But, I have been getting this stuff all month and these two salad mixes last a long time. In fact, today I just opened two bags with a best by date of Jan 20 and they are as fresh as ever! It’s really only the iceberg that does not last long.

They also had maybe 15 to 20 bags of coleslaw, but I didn’t see Fresh Express. However, I didn’t really look hard and now I’m kicking myself because I could use some coleslaw! Those bags were $1.00 each.

And there was this one big veggie tray for only $5.00.  It weighs 2.5 pounds!  That’s a good deal for 5 bucks. You know, you can cook these veggies! There is no law saying you have to eat them with dip. I would have loved to buy it, but $5.00 is like a million dollars to me now. So, you can have it :O)

Reduced deli was quite full too. They had lots of fried chicken, sandwich meat, Oscar Mayer bacon and a bunch of other stuff. I even got to talk to Simon the deli manager. He said reduced deli has been doing really well and he was trying to keep it stocked with lots of goodies.  I told him I hoped I was part of the reason he was selling so much. He said he wants me to send everyone over! What a nice guy (and quite cute).

Reduced dairy was empty.  Well, it was full of eggs, but not reduced.  I asked if maybe they moved the section (I was in a panic) and the guy said no. He said it just got empty so he moved eggs over there for now. He said it was full yesterday and it sold like crazy. Said he has a hard time keeping it stocked.  I wonder why ;O)


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