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I just got back from my little walk around Shaw’s in Sanford and I want to report that they have about 40 boxes of Shaw’s Pie Crusts marked down to $.99 each in reduced dairy!  There are no coupons to go with this, but $.99 is a great price if you’re in the pie making mood!

They also had gallons of Hood milk priced at $3.39 and a couple dozen eggs priced at $.90 each.

Reduced produce had 8 bags of Fresh Express, but they were marked down to $1.25, not $1.00, so I didn’t pick any up.  I currently have 16 bags in my refrigerator (I’m eating salad all day, every day!), so I didn’t want to spend $.15 per bag for more.  Instead, I left all my coupons there and managed to convince one passer-by that she needed to pick up cheap salad!

Reduced deli was full of various sandwich meats, sausages, meat ends, various Alouette (Qs in 11/20 SS), and lots of fried chicken.

I walked out with one FREE half gallon of Silk… the only one they had in reduced.  It was marked down to $1 and I had $1/1 that I picked up on some display awhile back. At least I left with something!


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