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Sanford Shaw’s & Walmart Report: What they have and don’t have in stock

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I walked around both Shaw’s and Walmart in Sanford tonight, and since I know some of you are heading out to the Sanford stores soon, I took some notes. Here is a report on some of the freebies and cheapies that might be on your list.

Please click the links to see what I’m talking about and to get the coupons (if they are still available) so I don’t have to repeat it all.

Shaw’s, Monday night:

Shout out to Jessica! Jessica is a blog follower who recognized me in Shaw’s. It was nice to meet you!

50¢ Cereal: They had one box of the Grain Berry Cereal. It’s in with the other cereals, not in the “healthy” section. I left it there because I’m at the point where I won’t even spend 50¢ on cereal. It was a very big box.

Free Oatmeal: They had NO Silver Palate Thick & Rough Oatmeal (sounds almost naughty). The very good news about this is that the sale price of $2 is good until Jan 21 (or was it 26?). So, we all have time to pick up some free oatmeal. It’s in with the other oatmeal, top shelf. Keep checking for it! I didn’t check the Grain Berry Cereal date, but I bet it’s the same.

Free Coffee: They stocked back up on the Nescafe Taster’s Choice 6-packs. I only grabbed one and left about 10 boxes for the rest of you!

Free Cereal: The Kashi GOLEAN cereal single cups are on sale for $1, so free if you printed the coupons. Those are in the “heathy” food section. Probably had 8 or 10 of them.

Free Egg Noodles: There are still plenty of bags of Pennsylvania Dutch noodles!

Cheap Cole Slaw: I don’t see this in the flyer, but they have 16 oz Fresh Express Cole Slaw on sale for $1.59 per bag. It’s the 3-Color Deli variety and it’s in with the bagged lettuce. If you have the Fresh Express coupon, you’ll pay just 49¢… and you don’t have to shop in reduced… lol! If you need the coupon email me.

Sort of Cheap International Delight: I noticed the seasonal flavors of International Delight creamer are on sale again for $1.99 each, so you can pick them up for 89¢ with the coupon. That’s not as cheap as we got them before the holidays, but it’s still a good deal.

Reduced Produce: There was a very large veggie platter marked down to $5.00… and I came this close to buying it. But $5 is soooooo much money! LOL Other than that, both refrigerated and non refrigerated produce was a bust.

Reduced Deli: Nothing spectacular in there.

Reduced Dairy: Practically empty except for about (10) 16 oz containers of Breakstone’s sour cream marked down to $1.00.

Expensive Meatballs: I checked the price of Armour Meatballs again and they are $4.59 for 14 oz. The same exact bags are $1.99 at Save-A-Lot, so definitely shop there for that.

My Alpo Wish: I’m sooooo keeping my fingers crossed that Shaw’s will have a B1G1 free sale on Alpo. The regular price is 85¢ per can, so if they do a B1G1, we’d get 10 cans for $2.75 with the coupon. Print the coupon if you still can, just in case this happens! And print as many as you can.

Walmart, Monday night:

Cheap Pictionary Card Game: UPDATE: The coupon prints out Hasbro but it seems the card game is by Mattel, so we can’t use the coupon for the card game. You can still print and use for the Hasbro game. Guess what! They actually had 3 Pictionary card games priced at $5.88, so only 88¢ with the coupon. I didn’t bother buying one because deep down inside, I know we’d never play it. The card games are on the wall over by the gardening center doors.

No Play-Doh: I could not for the life of me find any Play-Doh, not in toys, not in crafts. But, I got plenty of exercise looking! That does not mean they don’t have it. It just means I didn’t find it. If you find it in your store, please do a price check for me so we can determine how valuable this coupon is.

Free Nabisco Snacks: I used my $3/3 Nabisco coupons on the $1 boxes of Oreo’s and Chips Ahoy cookies. I got them all for free and now I don’t need to go to Rite Aid. I didn’t bother with the $1/2 coupon because I’m at the point where I only want free cookies :O) Oh, they had lots left. Also had Wheat Thins and Nilla Wafers that you can use the coupons on.

Free Batteries: I finally found more of the 4-packs of Rayovac priced at 99¢ at the back of the store. I thought they might have stopped carrying them which scared me, ’cause I only have 1/2 a drawer full. I’ve been getting (4) free 4-packs a month for 8 months now. Gotta love it!

Free Toothpaste: They have plenty of the Colgate toothpaste in those Back on Track bins. And since we got the $1/1 coupons in this area, they are a 6¢ money maker. They were all out of the free travel size Aquafresh.

Free Reach Floss: None to be found.  All sold out of the Reach floss, 55 yd size.  I got zero.

Free K-Y: Also gone. That has been gone for quite a while. Free K-Y is popular!

I ended up coming home with $45.40 worth of goodies and only spent $1.21 total :O)


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