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TIP: How to save on paper when printing coupons

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

If you print lots of coupons, you will go through tons of paper… fast! One thing you should remember is that on the coupon sites, you can print 3 coupons per page. So, if you are going to print one coupon that you like, always check to see if there are two more you can print. Printing 3 coupons per page will save on paper!

Another thing you can do is recycle paper by printing on the back. If you print something you will not use, start a scrap paper pile and use that paper for coupons. Some people even print on the back of junk mail!

And of course, the best way to save on the cost of paper is to shop when it’s on sale! Staples often has killer sales on paper and you can also shop online. Other good options are Amazon and Office Max. Try to look for deals where you get money back in the form of rewards. I ordered 2 cases of paper from office max awhile back and got all the money back as Max Perks which I have rolled over and over to get lots of free stuff!

Got lots of paper scraps? Got kids? Can you say CRAFT TIME! All those paper scraps come in handy for crafts. Even the narrow strips of paper come in handy… paper chains!!! If you don’t have kids, you could ask your local libraries, schools or even day care centers if they’d like your paper scraps.


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