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Totsy is having a killer sale – Up to 90% off – Kids, Women and Men

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Inflatable Globe by Tedco Toys just $8.35 on Totsy

I wanted to take a break from coupons and do some window shopping and I discovered Totsy is having some massive sales… up to 90% off!  But wouldn’t you know it… the items I’m most interested in… the kids craft supplies… are sold out!

That’s the way it is with Totsy. They sell out quick.

That’s because each store Totsy promotes is only on the site for 3 days. If you see something you like, you have to order right away. And if you put it in your cart and think it’s safe? It isn’t!  After 15 minutes, if you don’t complete your order, Totsy takes it out of your cart so someone else can grab it. That’s kind of cool though, don’t you think? They don’t let people hold things only to change their mind later :O)

Check out the awesome sales at Totsy! They have stuff for kids, women and men!


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