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Understanding Catalina Coupons – The coupons that spit out of the machine with your receipt

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Coupon Network

A Catalina coupon is a coupon that prints out of the Catalina machine after you buy a certain purchase and is handed to you with your receipt. The coupon is for a certain dollar amount depending on what you buy. You can use the coupon as cash for any future purchase in the store.

To see the Catalina coupons available to you, CLICK HERE and sign in (or register) on Coupon Network. Then click on the YourBucks Offers tab on the top right of that page to see the Catalina deals available in your area.

If you click each offer and print them, the printout will give you all the details you need for each offer, including the dates the Catalina is valid, the minimum purchase details, and the stores in your area that are participating in the offer.

When the Catalina offer states something like Buy 3 or More and Get $3, that means that you will get a coupon for $3 if you buy 3 items. It also means you will still only get $3 if you buy more than 3 items. So, if you need 6 items, it’s best to split into 2 transactions of 3 items each. That way you will get the $3 Catalina for each transaction.

When the Catalina offer states something like Buy 3 and Get $3 (and it does not say “Buy 3 or more“), that usually means the Catalina coupon will work for every 3 you buy. So, if you buy 12 items in one transaction, you should get 4 separate coupons out of the machine. But, this is always taking a chance (they may have just not worded it right), so it’s really a good idea to do separate transactions.

The minimum purchase for a Catalina coupon deal has to be in one transaction. So, if the offer is Buy 3 or More and Get $3, and if you buy just one can at a time, you will not get the Catalina coupon after you buy 3 cans. You would need to buy the minimum purchase of 3 in one transaction.

Remember, the Catalina coupon is not a coupon that is deducted from your receipt. It’s an actual coupon that prints out and is handed to you with your receipt. Pay attention and make sure you get it! You can use it as cash for anything in the store on your next purchase. You can also turn around and use it to buy more of the same item you just purchased so you can pay down the bill and get another Catalina coupon. This is called rolling over your Cat.

You do not need to print the Catalina offer to get the coupon, but I always bring a printout with me in case the coupon does not spit out of the machine. That way I have something to show customer service.

Paying attention to Catalina coupon offers is a great way to save money! And you can still use manufacturer coupons for any item that is part of a Catalina coupon offer!

NOTE: There are many Catalina coupon deals out there, way more than the website shows. Never toss out anything the cashier hands you… look at everything! I recently bought Tribe Hummus (see here) and had no clue there was a catalina deal attached. I got $4 back just for buying the hummus!


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