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Why should you join SavingStar TODAY? So you’ll be ready to save money TOMORROW!

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Everyone drags their feet about joining SavingStar and that’s mostly because people just don’t really understand how it all works. I was one of those people. Then, even after I finally joined, I did nothing about it for months.

I have since learned that joining SavingStar is a good move, even if you never clip a coupon. That’s because SavingStar gives you money back simply for buying items on their eCoupon list.

Oh, and joining SavingStar is FREE! And we like FREE!

Basically, here’s how SavingStar works:
1. You register with SavingStar
2. You add your store cards to your account
3. You activate all the SavingStar eCoupons
4. You shop for participating items
5. You get money back via paypal (or other options)

So, why should you join SavingStar today? Because it can take a bit of time to register and add your cards. I mean really, you have to get up and get your wallet. Then you have to remember what you got up for! Then you’ll end up doing something else like starting a load of laundry.  See how long it can take to register?  If you get started today, maybe you’ll finally get your store cards added to your account by tomorrow (you’ll need your reading glasses too, they might be on your head… or between the couch pillows).

In my area (Sanford, ME), I was able to add Shaw’s, Hannaford, CVS and Rite Aid to my SavingStar account. Your location may offer many more options. You will need your store cards handy to enter the numbers into your account. For Hannaford, use the number on your little myHannaford sticker.

Remember, to get the money back savings, you always have to scan your card when you shop!  Many times when you use manufacturer coupons along with SavingStar eCoupons, you end up getting FREE stuff! Did I mention we like FREE?


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