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[CLOSED] Deals by Darlene Giveaway – Here’s a fun new twist for Wednesday!

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.


Congrats to the winners of Tuesday’s giveaway, Meagan Baker and Dale Smith. Your coupons are going out today!

I have not hear back from Monday’s winners, Melissa Doody and Norma Thompson! Please email me your mailing addresses so I can send out your coupons.


Today’s giveaway is a fun one where you get to participate by helping me with a future blog post.  I want your frugal tips!

To enter the contest, simply email me 3 frugal tips that have something to with couponing, shopping, storing food, feeding your family, creative ways to use up you stockpile… anything! I will use these tips in a future blog post! These can be tips we’ve all heard before, because there is always someone who never heard it and will learn something new. If you can’t think of any tips, do a quick search online and you’ll find tips galore!

I only ask that the 3 tips be simple and quick.  Here is an example of what you could send me:

  • Use empty cereal boxes as building blocks or glue them together to build permanent forts or clubhouses
  • Turn that last bit of mayo into salad dressing by adding a bit of vinegar to the jar along with any of your favorite spices then shake
  • Use a fabric shoe rack to store small items in your stockpile like packets of seasoning, travel size items, etc

I think you get the idea!

DO NOT leave your frugal tips in the comment section on facebook or this blog!  You must email me your tips so I can turn them into a blog post later. And please, send me actual tips, not a link to a site with tips.

And get this… when I compile the tips and put them on my blog, I will turn that post into a giveaway. If you enter this giveaway, you will automatically get 3 bonus entries when you enter the frugal tip giveaway! Even if I don’t use your tips (I won’t likely use them all), you will be eligible for your 3 bonus entries! So, get in on the fun now and you’ll have more chances to win something fun later!

I will choose one winner randomly from all the entries I receive. The winner will get $20 worth of Hannaford coupons from the coupon booklet that came out last fall, including…

(10) $1 off any Hannaford item
(10) $1 off any My Essential item

The nice thing about these coupons is they do not state a minimum purchase, so you can walk in a buy a $1 item and get it for FREE!  Use all the coupons and you’ll get $20 worth of FREE food!

The coupons expire March 16, and since you can only use 1 of each per transaction (it states one per household but they have always allowed using them each time you shop), you will need to do 10 mini trips to use them all.

***BONUS*** If you share this blog entry on facebook (just grab the URL and paste it on your status), your entry will count as 3 entries so you’ll have a better chance of winning! You must let me know that you shared when you send me your email. You do not have to do this step to be eligible.

If you do want to leave a comment on this facebook post (just don’t post your tips) and “like” it, that’s fine and dandy as I love all your comments and truly appreciate your “likes.” But, you worked hard enough sending me your tips, so it’s not necessary… job well done! And thank you to all who enter!

I’ll pick a random winner after midnight tonight!

Good luck!


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