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Do you feel like being a coupon detective?

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Wednesdays are always a busy day for me because I have my TOPS meeting (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) and I need to leave my house at 3:30pm.  And I’m especially behind today because I got up later than normal. So, I don’t really have the time to hunt for coupons like I’d like to.

That gave me an idea! I thought it might be fun to round up some coupon detectives! Don’t know what a coupon detective is? It’s someone who searches different zip codes to see if there are different coupons available to print! Yes, we can print and use coupons from any zip. Just be aware that some zips will have coupons for items that you can’t buy in your area.

Let’s play with  You can use the widget on my blogIt seems to load faster for me than the site.

Start by typing in your own zip code. Then look at the numbers on the categories.  Example: For my zip of 04073, I see there are 144 coupons total with 28 of those in Food.  If I use 77477, I see there are 155 coupons total with 35 in Food!  That means that zip is offering lots more coupons!

Now here’s where being a detective comes into play… I see $.50/1 Maggi soup over at 77477, but I don’t see it on 04073. BINGO! I spotted a coupon I would not have normally found!

If your Walmart carries Maggi soup (remember, even though you are allowed to use any coupon under any zip code, your region might not carry that soup), you should be able to pick up that soup for FREE because others are reporting it sells for around 44¢! It’s even a little money maker!

See how fun that was?  Okay, fun for me. Maybe not for everyone… lol!

Here are some of the zips I normally use (hint: they don’t have to be real zip codes):
and more!

Note: You get 2 prints per coupon per computer. Normally if you print your 2 print on one zip code that’s all you get. However, there are times when each region has it’s one code, like the time we were able to print International Delight coupons from 7 different regions… remember that?

Go ahead and play with it, and if you spot a coupon that you think is hiding, please do tell! And remember, you can print 3 coupons per page so if you find one coupon you like, try to find at least one or two more to save on paper.

Now, get to work, my little detectives, while I get ready for my meeting!  Oh, want to join me at TOPS?  Click here for details!  I hope to see you there!!!  Really, I mean it! Join TOPS and we can chat about coupons before the meeting!


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