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Free Trial Offer for Dailies Soft Contact Lenses

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I wore soft contacts for years and years.  I was only 14 when I got my first pair of soft lenses.  In those days, they were so expensive that we bought insurance in case one ripped or got lost. And I had to make my own saline solution using salt tablet and had to boil my lenses each night in a little machine (anyone remember that???).  I’m sure those lenses I put in my eyes were not clean or healthy.  I had some lenses that I wore for years!

I wish there would have been a thing like daily lenses back then! I no longer lenses them because I had lasik surgery.  Now I’m only burdened with reading glasses :O(

If you’d like to check out this free trial offer with Dailies, go right ahead! Click here then click on any banner on that page to start your trial… you may need to allow popups.



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