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HANNAFORD: No catalina coupon 4th week in a row – but you can rate and review products

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This is the 4th week in a row that Hannaford does not have a catalina coupon for us when we scan our Hannaford stickers (2/19-2/25). Seems like they need to come up with something on a weekly basis to reward those who take the time to order those little stickers!

However, their weekly email boasts that we can now rate and review their products, so that might be fun! It looks like you have to sign up for the Hannaford sticker to be allowed to rate and review.

Another thing Hannaford keeps promoting on a weekly basis is SavingStar. If you are a SavingStar member, you must scan your Hannaford sticker every time you shop so you can get your SavingStar refunds. Learn about SavingStar here. And check out the SavingStar Quaker deal where you get $5 back for spending $15!

If you would like to see a weekly catalina coupon at Hannaford or if you would like Hannaford to change their policy to allow coupon stacking, call 1-800-341-6393, ask for Robin Woodbury’s voice mail and leave a quick message!


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