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HANNAFORD: No catalina coupon this week but still scan your sticker for SavingStar refunds

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I know many of you recently got your Hannaford stickers and you are probably wondering just what that sticker can do for you. One thing it does is get you catalina coupons (like $1 off produce or $1 off bakery), but only during weeks when Hannaford offers them.

This week Hannaford does not have an catalina coupon for us (3rd week in a row they don’t give us one… boo hoo). So, no matter how many times you scan your sticker, you will not get a coupon. This can lead you to think it’s a waste of time to scan your sticker.

But, if you are a member of SavingStar, you still have to scan your Hannaford sticker every time so you can earn your SavingStar refunds! Right now SavingStar has an awesome Quaker deal where you get $5 back when you spend $15! If you don’t scan your sticker, you can’t get the refund!

Learn about the Quaker $5 back deal here

Learn about the Hannaford sticker here

Learn why you should join SavingStar here

Learn how you can help change the “no coupon stacking” policy at Hannaford here



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