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I got all this I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter for only $.40 at (drum roll please) HANNAFORD!

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

I am beyond excited to report that I got a deal at Hannaford… yes, Hannaford! Sure, I get deals at Hannaford using their various $1 off store coupons. But, it’s rare that I use my printed coupons there since they don’t have the good sales Shaw’s has and they don’t double coupons.

Well, tonight was different!

I noticed that facebook fan Danielle posted on Chrystie’s I Love to Gossip facebook page that Hannaford in Gray had I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter on closeout for $1.35.  I posted the info on my page, then fan Jennifer said Millinocket also had it on closeout. And guess what? Sanford did too!

After using this $1.25 off any ICBINB product, a two pack of spread was only 10¢ each!  I got 4 packs for just 40¢ which works out to only 5¢ per tub of ICBINB!  Ain’t life grand?

Sanford still had plenty left, so if you are in Sanford, print this coupon and head to the store!

Country Crock is also on closeout for $1.25, so only 25¢ after this $1/1 Country Crock coupon (try 90210 or 77477).  Sanford, however, was wiped out.  Maybe your Hannaford has some!

Let’s hear it for Hannaford… hip, hip, hooray!

Oh, and the coupons did not scan (new bar code) but my cashier kindly entered them manually :O)


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