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Sunday Coupon Preview: the 2/26 SmartSource and 2/26 PepsiCo Insert previews are ready

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

The previews for the 2/26 SmartSource Insert and the 2/26 PepsiCo Insert are ready over at Sunday Coupon Preview.

TIP: Save yourself a ton of work by NOT clipping your insert coupons. Instead, put like pages together and staple them (be careful you don’t put the staple through a coupon bar code). Mark the insert date then file. When you need a coupon, you can just pull out that insert and clip through all the like pages in one shot!

ANOTHER TIP: If you are the type who wants to go shopping with every single coupon (I’m kind of like that), then bring your coupon inserts (and scissors) with you when you shop. If you have too many, just leave them in a box in the car. Print out the handy dandy alphabetical coupon lists that Sunday Coupon Preview provides. If you see an item on sale, check your lists! If you see there is a coupon, you can clip it! Running out to your car is better than driving home and back.

YET ANOTHER equally fascinating TIP: To know when you can toss out your inserts, go to my coupon database, click on advanced search, use the source drop down menu to find the insert. If you don’t see it listed, that means all the coupons have expired… toss it! If it is listed, click on it then search and you will see only the coupons in that issue that are still valid. If there are only a couple left, you can clip just those and toss the rest!

You can see the Sunday Coupon Preview here.

Always check your newspapers before you buy them to make sure you get your inserts! Remember, the coupon values may differ by region.

You can also print SmartSource coupons directly from my website!

Thank you Sunday Coupon Preview!


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