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The very last of my FREE Fresh Express – It’s the end of an era

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Remember all that FREE Fresh Express I was getting last month? I was picking up Fresh Express in reduced produce at Shaw’s and using a $.55/1 coupon (coupon doubled) to get FREE bags of salad or sometimes for $.15 per bag.

I don’t know how many bags I bought throughout January, but I see by a quick count in my $12 Challenge that I picked up something like 21 bags during the last 2 weeks of the month. And I’m sure I missed some transactions. I bet in all of January I picked up at least 40 bags… and I ate salad every day.  Sometimes all day!

I know for sure when the coupon expired on 1/31 that I had 16 bags of salad in my refrigerator.  They were all either the tender greens or the red leafy and those last so long! It’s really only iceberg and romain (the wet lettuce) that does not last that long.

What’s my point?  I have none, really.  Oh… yes I do!  It’s that you don’t have to walk away from reduced produce just because you think it will go bad. As you can see, my lettuce is awesome and the exp date on the bags (this was taken from two bags, one red and one green) was 1/29. The only reason the salad is wet in the pic is because I washed it.

My other point is that it’s very possible to stock up on stuff, even stuff like lettuce and not waste it!  You just have to be willing to eat what you have in stock. I the only person who ate all the salad I bought, with the exception of my mother eating it maybe a few times. JUST ME!  And I never tossed any out.  Every single bit was consumed.  I know I had 16 bags on Jan 31 and today is Feb 19, so that means I ate 16 bags in 19 days!  I enjoy saving money SO MUCH that I’m willing to eat the same thing over and over again (it helps that I’m not fussy) so I don’t have to spend money on other things.  Is salad the only thing I ate? Of course not. I have lots of stuff in my stockpile. But I filled up on salad first.

And now I will miss my daily salad feast.  Hopefully Fresh Express will come out with another coupon because once I get something for FREE, I never want to pay for it again. I wonder how long I’ll go now before I buy salad again?


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