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Here are my picks as to what you maybe should print and why

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

75¢ off when you buy ONE BOX Cookie Crisp® cereal

I’m just getting around to printing my beginning of the month coupons and I want to point out a few coupons you might want to print… and why!

For all the coupons below, you get 2 prints per computer. I’m telling you the sites the coupons are on in case you want print in groups to save on paper.


These cereal coupons will double in value at Shaw’s. If there is a decent sale on Cookie Crisp, you stand a very good chance at getting super cheap cereal, close to free, and if the stars align, even free cereal! Print now and hold for a sale (we bloggers will tell you when to use them!).

$.85/1 Cookie Crisp Cereal –
$.75/1 Cookie Crisp Cereal –
$.75/1 Cookie Crisp Cereal –


These yogurt coupons will double to $.60 off at Shaw’s. And wouldn’t you know, they often go on sale for $.60 each at Shaw’s. That equals FREE yogurt! I just picked up 8 free with a rain check, so the proof is in the pudding… uh, yogurt.

$.30/1 Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt –
$.30/1 Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt – Facebook


These coupons for cookie dough are good ones. We often see $1 off 2 which will not double at Shaw’s, but these are $.75 off 2 which will double to $1.50 off 2 at Shaw’s!

$.75/2 any Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough –
$.75/2 any Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough –
$.75/2 any Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough –


Everyone is printing the Voila coupon because it’s high value and works great at Walmart where Voila is priced at $3.98, so only $2.13 with the coupon. And we might find it on sale somewhere else too!

$1.85/1 Birds Eye Voila product –


For the Knorr coupon, when you get to the coupon page, if you click on the little green video icon and watch the little video, the coupon will double to $1.35 off. I’m thinking that will make for a good deal at Walmart or during a sale somewhere else.

65¢/1 Knorr Homestyle Stock (or $1.35 with video) –


How I wish I would have had this coupon with me Friday night when I found 8 half gallons of this iced coffee in reduced dairy for only $1.50 each! With the coupon, I could have gotten them for only $.50 each! My mouth was watering, but I left without. Check your reduced, you might score a great deal!

$1/1 any flavor International Delight iced coffee half gallon –


This Kraft Fresh Take is something I have a feeling will go on sale. This will double to $1.50 off at Shaw’s so it might make for a very good deal… hopefully soon!

$.75/1 Kraft FreshTake –


The reason for printing the coupon below is simple.  It’s chocolate.

$2/3 Reese’s, Hershey’s Miniatures, Kisses, Cadbury –


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