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How I rolled over my CVS ExtraBucks

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I have been looking for a good way to roll over my $4 and $1 ExtraBucks that I’ve been hanging on to for my $12 Challenge.  I thought I’d have to just cave in and buy candy or something that would not give me any EBs in return.  But then, things all fell into place!

First, back on March 7th, I used my $1 EB to buy jelly beans for $.99. I got $.99 EB in return and I found a penny on the ground, so I really got my entire $1 back… tee hee!

Today I had to use my $4 EB because it was expiring.  So, I had the $4 and the $.99 to use and this is what I did…

Bought (1) PediaCare, reg $7.49, on sale for $5.99
Used (1) $1/1 PediaCare coupon from 10/9 SS Insert
Used $4 EB
Used $.99 EB
Total was ZERO
I paid $.30 tax
I got back $5 ExtraBucks!
I also got back $1 EB for scanning my Green Bag Tag

Then I turned around and did this…

Bought (2) 6-packs of Irish Spring bar soap, reg $5.79 each, sale $3.50 each
Used (1) $1/2 Irish Spring from 3/11 SS insert
Used $5 EB from previous purchase
Used $1 EB from previous purchase
Total was ZERO
I paid $.30 tax
I got back $4 ExtraBucks!

I ended up spending just $.60 out of pocket for tax and I got 12 bars of soap and a bottle of PediaCare to have on hand for when my granddaughter visits.  And I still have $4 left to use!  Pretty cool, eh?


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