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How to save a pdf coupon to disk

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I know this is something most people know, but not long ago, I didn’t know it. So, I’m going to assume some of you don’t know it either.  Well, before I make myself sound totally dumb, I certainly knew how to save something to disk. What I didn’t know is we could save a pdf coupon to disk so we can have easy access to it when we want to print.

Saving the pdf coupon file is very different than just bookmarking the link to the coupon. If you bookmark the link (or add to your favorites), the coupon can change or disappear, then you cry.  If you save the actual file, you can get your grubby hands on the coupon right up until it expires. No tears!

Okay, this is soooooo easy!!!  When you open a pdf coupon, it usually opens in Adobe.  Just look at the top somewhere for the disk icon. Click on that then save it to your desktop or to disk. Ta da!

Yes, I felt quite dumb that I never figured that out for myself. Stop laughing.


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