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Make It Count Mondays – Week 1

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If you’re new to Make It Count Mondays, then I suggest you refer back to the introductory post explaining what exactly Make It Count Mondays is and how you, too, can join! Each week I (Jillian) will start the challenge by sharing my weight loss (or gain), one positive thing that I experienced and one negative thing that I experienced. Here goes nothing:

Week 1 Weight Loss (or gain): +3 lbs (I threw out my back and coincidentally threw my good eating habits out the window).
Week 1 Positive: I actually counted my calories and exercised for 4 out of the 7 days.
Week 1 Negative:  I threw out my back, and turned to food for comfort. I found myself depressed that I couldn’t do anything for myself (not even tie my own shoes), so I chose to eta my sorrows away.

Here’s a helpful tip: When you’re trying to lose weight, start by reading the labels and reviewing the recommended servings (you’ll be surprised), calories, fat, fiber, sugar and carbohydrates in each item. Use this helpful guideline to learn what an estimated serving size is, especially when it’s not listed on the package or you’re at a restaurant. This is extremely helpful for those counting points through Weight Watchers or calories. Portion control is the easiest and most natural way to lose weight:

My back is starting to feel better and I’m starting fresh. How did you all do?

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