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Simple Beauty Treatments at Home!

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Simple Beauty Treatments at Home That Cost Less!
Professional beauty treatments can be very costly believe it or not there are beauty treatments you can do yourself at home that are easy to do and can either be purchased or made at home.

Looking for softer more manageable hair with great shine? Even if your hair is colored Clairol’s Shine Happy Hair treatment anyone can do it at home (actually in the shower even!) It’s under $10 and I often find coupons and sales (I purchased mine for$1.99 after a sale and coupon!). Yes you read it right, I bought one and I tried it! I have thick very long dark brownish red colored hair. I noticed that my hair seemed to tangle more and looked frizzy. I tried Clairol Shine Happy and when my husband came home he noticed the difference without me saying a word!


Exfoliating your skin is a MUST. Did you know by just taking simple sugar or Seal Salt and add it in a bowl with your favorite body wash or shampoo (to use still on the body not hair!) throw it in a container and use it when showering to exfoliate your skin. You can also try adding sea salt or sugar to your body wash container a little at a time but be careful due to clumping you need to shake it very often between putting the sugar/salt in. If you want something to exfoliate the face I recommend mixing sea salt with a face cream/cleanser.

I know many people who have their nails done, then opt to go back whenever they want them a different painted color. Most do it because less likely they will smudge their nails in the process or get paint on their skin. Try out one of the many Instant Dry polishes that are around. These can cost anywhere from $1.99 and up. These types of polishes actually are pretty good! They dry very fast and look great and any marks can be easily taken off. I like to switch colors allot during the summer so I use these polishes because they are quick and look great!

Make your own Fizzie Bath Salts to soften your skin! You will need 1 cup of epsom salts (you can find the salts in 1 pound containers at the dollar and 99 cent stores usually, or any drug store.) Now I don’t expect you to have fragrances that are safe for the skin lying around, but I recommend you mix a little of your perfume or body splashes mix very well. Then (make sure it is not watery)  add 1/3 cup of baking soda mix. Add a few table spoons to your bath and soak. Use this also as a foot soak for when you are doing home pedicures smells great and softens the skin!

There are many types of coupons you can find as well to do these treatments at home and there are many different types of beauty treatments that you will find are just as well done at home for less, than at a salon. I often search looking for reviews as well as coupons or places to sign up with programs and mail lists. Don’t count out doing a simple beauty treatment at home. read about them make sure they are worth your time and come recommended by others as well!

Posted by: Jody Pagliocco

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